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This is the latest Videoscribe.apk for your Android devices. With this, you can easily create video exactly as VideoScribe for Windows PC. In general, the APK file VideoScribe now! 8 ratings of 10, then this is a cumulative rating, the most advanced apps in the Google Play Store Grade 8 10. Google Play Store 2052. Total reviews have downloaded from 1086. An approximate number received Five-star reviews Total number Google Play Store VideoScribe now 100,000+ downloads In range!  With this app, you are able to draw handwritten videos on your android devices. The app is very user friendly. You can change the whiteboard, board designs, fonts, colors, shape, hand design, even you can put your own hand in it. You can also share videos with your friends to show your ideas, presentation or any kind of tutorial videos directly to email or any social media. You can use any image, and you can save videos in popular video formats for any device. Easy to use. A beautiful collection of SVG images for almost everything. It makes a gift for freelancers. You can create cool whiteboard animations with just a few clicks, which were not possible before. 

Benefits of Using VideoScribe App

VideoScribe is a popular software that allows you to create videos on a variety of platforms. The application has excellent compatibility and works well on Mac and Windows devices. There are also mobile apps that have limited features available for Android and iOS devices.VideoScribe App StoryBoard Template

The program gives you the option to save your project to work and in the cloud. Also, it is downloadable, which means you have the freedom to work offline. Its cross-platform nature, combined with its cloud-based and on-promise deployment, gives you options regarding when and where to use the software. Like other whiteboard animation applications offering varied pricing plans, VideoScribe lets you own a licensed copy with a one-time payment. This is an excellent choice for users who want to use the app indefinitely. You find here still an option for monthly and annual subscriptions for new and occasional users.

The platform is unique in that it supports all the essential functions without questioning its learning curve or interface. While it’s surprisingly simple, the app has the capability of professional animation software in its array. It has many features that allow you to create your characters and layouts, program movements, and set texts. There are also multiple menus featuring visual and sound equipment to add depth and richness to your videos.

App Features Sparkol VideoScribe.apk:

  •     Full free.
  •     Use your own hand
  •     It has no watermarks or marketing.
  •     Make your story through the animation of the White Table.
  •     Full HD output can be stored in different formats, like a wave, mp4 in 1080p, 720p, and many more.
  •     Basic drawing tools.
  •     Drag with your finger.
  •     Apart from that, the drawings have pictures in the gallery.
  •     Unlimited tools/colors.
  •     The transparency of the brush stroke size and power.
  •     Share your pictures on a social share feature you can on Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and more.
  •     Choose which of the camera or picture gallery
  •     Unique than other video creators. 


Videoscribe.apk is ideal for graphic design enthusiasts, video creators, freelancer bloggers, government agencies, and internet marketers looking to create fantastic instructional discussions, combine marketing videos, illustrations from life, and add visually stunning captivated captives from your conversations. It has best offers a rich set of features including image library, royalty-free music collection, buy premium images online, chooses video resolution, works on the web, offline, record voice-over, import music, and publish fonts, and project Save.

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